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What Caline does

Since its inception in 1987, Caline Artists International has been developing performance and touring opportunities for professional musicians across the globe, with concentration in booking concert engagements in communities across North America. Caline Artists International has many contacts in the artistic community, working in a variety of artistic areas and musical disciplines from classical, folk, world music and musical theatre. In addition to booking performances, Caline Artists will consult with artists in regard to their promotional materials, stage production, CD projects and special touring projects.

Caline Artists International also manages and consults with non-profit arts organizations - specializing in marketing, fundraising and special event management as well as administration and financial management of non profit organization. Caline Artists works with the arts organization to develop a plan that can assist the organization in their delivery of their product.

Our People


Margot has owned and operated Caline Artists International for the past 30 years. Caline Artists represents touring artists by booking engagements and producing tours for them across North America and around the globe.  In Fall of 2017 Margot Holmes formed the Maverick Cooperative with Debbie Peters of Magnum Opus Management (Yukon, Canada) where both agencies would work together to promote the artists on their roster. They were awarded the B.C. Touring Council's Agent of the Year Award in 2018 for this collaboration.

Margot has purposely always worked with youth in addition to professional artists in her work. She managed and toured extensively with the British Columbia Boys Choir in her role of Executive Director for 25 years (1993 - June 2018). Prior to this she worked with the Amabile Choirs in London Ontario, and the London Youth Symphony.

In addition, Margot has held positions with the Filberg Festival (Artistic Director: 2014-2015); Sinfonia - Orchestra of the North Shore (North Vancouver); the Jewish Festival of the Arts (Vancouver); the Historical Markers Project of SouthEast Vancouver (Public Art & Heritage Project); and the Banff International Festivals taking place at the Banff Centre where she worked from 1996-2000 on the administrative team.

Margot studied Oboe Performance at Western University in London, Ontario allowing her to see the understand first-hand the practice required to present art at a high performance level.  

Margot is an avid traveller, arts enthusiast and always up for an adventure!


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