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Non Profit Organizations

Margot Holmes has worked with a variety of arts organizations in the position of senior staff responsible for all aspects of the business management of a non profit organization. 

She has extensive experience in the areas of marketing & promotion, fundraising & development, budgeting & administration and concert production & touring.
Caline Artists will take you through the systems required to set up a non profit arts organization.

Marketing & Development

Caline Artists Management has worked extensively in the promotion of arts organizations, both professional and grass roots based assisting them in reaching their target markets whether that be concert presenters or ticket buyers.

Caline will work with you to develop promotional materials that help you achieve your artistic goals. We believe that marketing and promotion go hand in hand with development and fundraising. How you are perceived in your community relates to ticket sales and community donations.


Touring for Non Profit Arts Groups

Margot Holmes has booked and organized over 30 international tours for non profit arts organizations including youth & professional orchestras, choirs and bands.

Margot has been on all of these tours in Canada, United States, Europe (8), South Pacific (2) and Asia acting as the Tour Escort/Manager. She has extensive knowledge of international travel and tour group management.



"Touring for Arts Groups" is a one day workshop where Margot Holmes takes you through from start to finish what you need to do to have a successful artistic tour with youth, adults or both. What you need to know before you leave home. Margot provides Forms and tailors the workshop to an organization's needs. This workshop is for Boards, Committees, Chaperones, Teachers & Conductors - anyone responsible for the ensemble while on tour. 

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