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Ken Lavigne
Tiller's Folly
Bruce Coughlan
Eric Harper
Lion Bear Fox
The Great Canadian Songbook
Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes - ROOTS & GROOVES

Caline Artists International promotes Canadian artists of distinction across North America, Europe and Asia. Our artists have been chosen for their high artistic callibre, their stage presence and entertaining styles and because they are genuinely nice people.

I invite you to visit our website where there is detailed information on our artists that are touring over the next season.

We believe the next year will bring about positive change in how the arts do business with our dollar having to reach further for great entertainment. Each of our artists individually play more than one role and are interested in developing the arts in communities through workshops, voice clinics, collaborations with local performing ensembles, pre & post concert talks, receptions and parties.  

Margot Holmes

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