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Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes - ROOTS & GROOVES

Hillbilly concertos, Applalachian grooves...

Veteran folk artist RICK SCOTT and young keyboard ace NICO RHODES combine forces in an inter-generational smorgasbord of roots, blues, jazz and humour.

Forty years apart in age, Rick and Nico blur all boundaries. In a word, they cook!

What do you get when you combine an infamous dulcimer player with a rising jazz pianist, seasoned expertise with youthful exuberance, old school groove and Broadway chops?

ROOTS & GROOVES is a musical conversation across the generations spiced with mastery, improvisation and humour.

In their first year as a duo ROOTS & GROOVES released an eponymous CD and performed 30 shows to ovations at folk clubs, festivals, theatres and BC Government House.

In addition to ROOTS & GROOVES for big folks, the duo offers lively participatory family concerts based on Rick's 8 award winning children's recordings.

Since pioneering BC rogue folk with Pied Pumkin, Rick Scott has performed in 9 countries and released 19 recordings honoured with 3 Juno nominations, WCMA, Parents' Choice and Canadian Folk Music Awards.

"Rick Scott is an enchanter; an alchemist creating gold out of dross with music as his catalyst. He uses every fibre of his being to translate private experience into shared experience."

When he was 8, Nico Rhodes wrote Rick a fan letter; at 25 he arranged Rick's music for symphony. At 28 he's in constant demand as an arranger and musical director when not touring with his own jazz trio or chanteuse Joelle Rabu.

"Nico Rhodes is astonishing, you have to hear and see him caress, cajole and at times almost punish the piano. Breath­takingly fresh sounds & style radiate from this young musician."

Rick says, "Nico Rhodes is on fire. Not since Pied Pumkin have I experienced such an unfettered combination of creativity, chops and chutzpah."



'The Mysteryin studio for ROOTS & GROOVES CD

Middle of Nowhere’ Live at the Nanaimo Jazz Festival Sept 2017

People I Love YouLive at Cranberry Hall Powell River

Bottle PeopleLive at Cranberry Hall Powell River


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