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Lion Bear Fox  is the sound of a three-man musical brotherhood. A trio of best friends dedicating themselves completely and authentically to a life of music, performance and
human connection. Three distinct and powerful voices blending together, provides the ultimate vessel to bring their stories to life. They believe that music heals and they want to heal you. They are men of integrity in a disconcerting world. They sing songs about hope, sorrow, love and joy but never shy away from telling the truth. They paint in all colours. 

British Columbia’s  Lion Bear Fox  is three huge voices joined in mighty harmony, telling the truth through compelling story, honest narrative and unbridled passion. Three men going to war onstage every night to share a message of hope, vulnerability and redemption. Lion Bear Fox is “a musical force of nature”, an “emotional awakening” that’s sure to “be around for a lifetime”. ( Nanaimo Daily News/Songs in the Valley/Terry David Mulligan ).

Originally known for their respective solo careers, Christopher Arruda (Lion), Cory Woodward (Bear) and Ryan McMahon (Fox) joined forces as  Lion Bear Fox  in 2012 and was immediately selected as one of the top 20 unsigned bands British Columbia (Peak Performance Project).  The fall of 2013 saw the band release their self-produced breakthrough EP “We’d Be Good Men” and take Western Canada by storm, touring 15 times over the next two years including stops at Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Contact East (PEI), OSAC (Regina) Mission Folk Festival and The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists like Tom Wilson, Good For Grapes, Elliot Brood and Kim Mitchell. 

Lion Bear Fox  is the new Canadian band to watch. With the help of friend and producer Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run), the trio spent ten days in the Vancouver Island wilderness crafting “the record of their lives” -  a collection of songs steeped in character and full of warmth. One part folk, one part rock - a pinch of gospel and a dash of growl, the self-titled LP is a testament to the trio’s strength as songwriters.  Lush acoustic guitars are bookended by buzzing electrics and screaming organs; all tied together by rich percussion and three voices in harmony.  It’s a sound that harkens back to an era when the song was paramount. Release date in March 2017.


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"Room 32"

"Henry Nearly Killed Me (It's a Shame)"